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Who We Are

In the current business scenario where there is a call for high level management skills, we assist organizations by offering quality training programs and consultancy services. Our services are also offered to government organizations, non-profit institutions, educational institutions and private entities.

G S Ventures is headed by C. P. Giri Shankar, a behavioral science trainer and counselor, who has been extensively trained in USA. He leads a highly proficient team of multi-faceted professional trainers who provide training in attitudinal skills, functional skills, career management, etc.

We are a leading professional organization with a focus to create a difference in our environment through continuous improvement of personal and organizational performance. We have developed our expertise and render quality services to our clients, ranging from medium sized business houses to large multinational organizations.

The main factors behind our growth in the field of corporate training and consultancy have been a constant endeavor to enhance our core competencies together with an uncompromising attitude of providing excellent services to our clientele have been.

Services Portfolio

We have carried out various high-level training and consultancy services in both public and private sector and have built a strong track record of delivering customized training programs, consultancy services wherever necessary, followed by tailor made coaching or counseling sessions, if deemed necessary.

Through our core training programs we brought out the best in people and have helped organizations perform better.

The range of training programs we offer include Attitudinal Programs viz. Growth Labs, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Skill improvement programs viz. Communication, Team Building, Outbound Training etc. and also social development and family welfare programs.

Our consultancy services include conducting Organization Climate Survey, Organization Restructuring, Career Management, Creating Vision and Mission statements, Performance Management Systems, providing Counseling/ Coaching sessions, etc.

Domain Expertise

We work in collusion with the client organization by making them perform better through delivery of high impacting training modules together with consultancy services specifically aligned to their requirements.

Work processes, Human resources, Leadership, everything has an impact on how the work is performed. This is where we can help organizations perform better by increasing the quality of these aspects in the organization. That is why, we take a holistic approach towards any organization and prefer to have discussions with the decision makers in order to determine training and consultancy needs for the company. This helps us to design customized training programs and consultancy services.

We believe that high performance starts with clear goals and is fueled by decisions that empower both leaders and employees to work towards specific and visible goals. The knowledge base of our organization is an asset to understand the human resource requirements based on the industry specifications.

Team Of Experts

We have a team of highly experienced professionals from diverse disciplines who work in close coordination with our customers to understand all their requirements and offer them complete solutions for their needs. These professionals have very high levels of integrity and are extremely committed to their work.

This team also includes psychologists, and behavioral science experts who have sound knowledge of consulting and analytical skills that help us realize the exact requirements of our clients and deliver the desired results.

Quality assurance

We continuously strive to improve our services with in-depth industry analysis. Our passion for distinct quality service and commitment for excellence have shown us the way to growth and success. With ample knowledge of our area of expertise, we simplify and speed up the process of providing solutions and adding value where it really matters.

Customer Satisfaction

With years of experience in this field we are now in a position to anticipate the needs of our customers in order to exceed their service expectations. We have designed a delivery system that focuses on the organization, environment and processes that enhance quality of services we provide. We have also created a service plan that integrates standards and delivery systems that promote quality service which has been appreciated by our customers and have enabled to maintain a list of very satisfied national as well as global clients.

Why Us?

Salient features of our working process that helps us in distinguishing ourselves in our domain:
  • Highly qualified and professionally committed young group of trainers equipped with the latest in training techniques and know how.
  • The content and format of the programs conducted are designed such that they have a life long impact on the participant.
  • Experts in training all grades, class and levels of people.
  • Multi-lingual - training imparted in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali.
  • Versatile approach to organizations' changing requirements.
  • Reasonable and cost effective training solutions.
  • Highly mobile teams, having trained under most challenging circumstances, on residential as well as non-residential locations.
  • Personal attention to every participant in the program.
  • Individual counseling for people in psychologically difficult situation.
  • In the field for the last 15 years, active in India and abroad, having trained more than 1.5 lakh participants.
  • Fully committed to ethics, excellence and environment.

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